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Hand saws are a common and versatile hand tool. Just about everyone has one, or at least knows someone who owns one. Why so many people own hand saws you might ask? Well it's simple really. Hand saws can do a lot of jobs  and are very useful. Builders love hand saws and use them everyday in their work environment for sawing through bits of plywood and planks etc. But they're not just used by professionals like builders, they're also great for trimming trees, and cutting wood to create wooden decks, and verandas. Another great thing about this nifty little hand tool is that you don't need any external power source to operate it. Most saw like the table saw for instance require an engine. An engine uses either fuel, or electricity which can be costly. So, using a hand saw fixes that problem by being a tool that requires nothing other than the strength of your arms.

To get a deeper understanding about saws, and what they're used for let's take a look at some of the different styles of saws that exist. Some of these saws are used by professionals while others are favorites among hobbyists. The table saw - most would argue that this is the centerpiece in any workshop. The table saw is a large type of saw that has a spinning blade which sticks up through the surface of the table to cut through wood. Table saw can vary the depth you cut by raising or lowering how high above the table the blade protrudes. Unlike the hand saw, these are not portable at all. The table saw has to remain fixed in place. Circular saws are another common type of saw used for cutting wood. They're actually kind of similar to the table saw but instead of being mounted to a table, the blade is attached to a handle. The circular saw is quite versatile and cost effective, however it's not as portable as manual saws like the hand saw. Other than these large types of saws that are not very portable there are other more portable types known as "manual saws". One common type of manual saw is the hacksaw. Hack saws however are most often used for cutting through meta. They have a unique design with a handle that secures a replaceable blade between each end. Similar to the hacksaw is the coping saw. These are basically just a smaller hacksaw with more precision. Then finally you have the regular old hand saw. This is the most versatile, and most common style. Finding the best hand saw is no easy task as there are tons of different brands and models. The type of hand saw you choose to buy should be decided by your budget. And aside from your budget you should consider what it is you will use it for? Are you a professional builder? Then you need a high quality one. Otherwise, if your just a hobbyist any cheap one will do just fine. Thanks for reading, we hope you found some value in this article, happy sawing!